5 Warning Signs You're Falling For Someone

There's a new breakthrough in technology that may prove thrilling for people who are lonely and wishing to be cared for.

Different needs for empathy

When I teach empathy and write kind and caring scripts for clients, the right-brained clients are excited to learn how to generate the results of more connection.

I recently spoke to a young woman and to her fiancé who used violent expressions during our coaching session. She is one of the millions of young women and not-so-young women who get sucked into relationships.

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1. He's heartless

He believes it's OK to break your heart because he doesn't have one himself and he doesn’t understand emotional pain.

2. He's arrogant

He believes that his behaviors are always acceptable because he's the boss and he makes the rules.

3. He's full of toxic masculinity

He believes that if he cheats it's acceptable because he's "a man" and if you cheat, his go-to is "slut shaming" or verbal or physical violence.

4. He's overly judgmental

You feel like a slave in this relationship because you are a slave — he’s a judging machine ready to mete out punishment.

5. He has ulterior motives

If he gives you a gift, it's not from a generous heart. He gives you what he thinks you need, and what you want.

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