5 Things Women Who Aren’t Close To Their Moms

You feel alone and lonely when your friends casually mention how great it is when their mom comes over, and how she helps them emotionally in so many ways.

If you feel that your mother was unable or unwilling to connect to you, then you are likely not going to want to emulate her once you become a mother yourself.

1. You don’t have a role model

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Milestone events that other people look forward to, like your own wedding, the birth of a child, a child’s graduation, or holidays, feel fraught with anxiety and/or sadness.

2. You feel sadness or anxiety about “good” major events

Even when you think that you have lowered the expectations of your mother-daughter relationship enough, there are some situations where you become newly shocked or hurt by your mother’s behavior.

3. You sometimes become newly hurt

Unfortunately, it usually becomes evident that these events do give your mom a chance to show her true colors, and they were the same unsupportive colors as before.

You sometimes become newly hurt

Even if you’ve mostly gotten to a place where you accept that she is who she is and your relationship is what it is, it can be deeply embarrassing and uncomfortable to discuss your mom with other people.

4. You find it embarrassing or difficult to discuss the topic

If your mother never said “I love you,” you may say it to your children ten times a day and still worry that you aren’t being loved enough.

5. You are terrified of ending up like your mother

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