4 most popular snack foods in the U.S.

Salty snacks

An analysis of the most popular snack foods in each state in the U.S., which was released this past fall by Wisevoter, indicated that savory treats are favored over sweet ones in 33 states.

Google Trends data

Google Trends data to find the top 20 classic American snacks, a list that included everything from Pringles and M&Ms to Goldfish and Sour Patch Kids.

Snacking spiked during the onset of the pandemic, when many individuals spent more time at home.

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It’s no surprise these beloved crunchy corn tortilla chips are the top-searched snack food in more than 20 states.

1. Doritos

Whether you’re a Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch or Salsa Verde devotee, Doritos never fail to satisfy the munchies.


M&M’s have been a classic treat since the chocolate-shell-coated candies were introduced in 1941. Since then, many inventive flavors have hit store shelves.

Cheetos are known for encrusting fingers and lips with a layer of cheese dust. While the classic puffy and crunchy forms of the snack are the most iconic.


Ideal for scooping up seven-layer dip, queso or devouring on their own, these crunchy corn chips are a versatile snack.


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