3 Zodiac Signs Who Need Change In Love

1. Leo

As soon as the day begins, you'll be on edge and ready to defend yourself. From what, though? That's the problem.


You'll see them as the reason why all the things in the world have gone wrong, and you'll demand of them something so ridiculous and unfair that they will, in turn, laugh at you.

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You may discover that on May 1, 2023, during the Pluto retrograde, the change you feel you need in your relationship is actually the change you need in your way of looking at things.

2. Sagittarius


You may even throw some kind of Sagittarius tantrum, which will be highly dramatic and filled with fire and brimstone.

3. Pisces

During the Pluto retrograde, you'll devise the perfect solution for the change you need in your relationship.

During the Pluto retrograde, you'll be forced to confront some of your darkest feelings, and while you've danced around the idea of asking your romantic partner to change their ways.


It may be time to call it quits, Pisces. You won't want to make May an underworld experience, and if you want peace, you must maneuver that into being.


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