3 Zodiac Signs Want Love That's Easy

Three zodiac signs want love that is easy on April 30, 2023 due to Mercury square Lilith. Mercury square Lilith is not the phrase on anyone's lips unless you're 'in the know,

Because it's a Mercury transit, you might be a little keener on what's going on, as this taps into your sense of energy and drama.

1. Gemini

That goes for love, business, family and work. You are simply too tuckered out to get involved in anything if the communication doesn't go smoothly.


Getting involved with someone only to have it turn into a circus is SO not your idea of fun, and you are upfront about this whenever you meet someone.

2. Libra

Your love is cultivated in an easy environment, not a difficult one. You're more of a daisy than an orchid.


What bugs you about love is that the people you get involved with don't seem to be listening to you when you tell them right at the beginning of your romantic relationship.

3. Aquarius

You'll once again note that you have been honest, yet the people in your life seem to want to play games.


Will they hear you this time, Aquarius? During Mercury square Lilith, there's a good chance they will.