3 Zodiac Signs Second-Guess Their Relationship

1. Libra

Today, May 2, puts Moon trine Pluto right into your direct orbit, Libra, and because of this transit, you will have a few doubts about the person you are with romantically.


Your partner has given you no reason to doubt or even question them, so if you do feel suspicious about something today, try and be practical with how you approach them.

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Whenever you have days like today, where a transit like Moon trine Pluto are in the sky and wreaking havoc on your imagination, you tend to suspect everyone around you of wrongdoing.

2. Aquarius


While you'll experience that in full force on May 2, you may start to develop a fantasy about the person you are in a relationship with, meaning you may 'decide' that they are doing something wrong.

3. Pisces

Because you are a super sensitive person, it's hard for you to cope with transits like Moon trine Pluto because they tend to make people even more sensitive, and sometimes that kind of sensitivity borders on paranoia.

Are they the one who disturbs you, or is it just you who self-sabotages for the sake of having something to do? You will find something wrong with your mate today.


you will hold on to that, and it will hurt you. It's OK to have second thoughts about the person you're with, but in your case, this person has proved themselves to you, and honestly .


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