3 Zodiac Signs Quit Waiting For Love

1. Virgo

Today is the day you make it official: you are over waiting for love to happen to you, and as of now, you are out.


During the transit of Moon opposite Pluto, which happens on this day, you will feel somewhat overwhelmed by emotion, and you'll want to dial it down.

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On April 27, you will conclude that finding true love in this lifetime is just not in your lucky stars, and while you may feel you've put in the time, being that nothing good has come of that effort.

2. Libra


You may have deeper issues that you've chosen to bypass during Moon opposite Pluto, simply because you feel you can only handle one issue at a time.


So, today you decide that the issue is love. You aren't satisfied with your love life, and you honestly do want to be happy and enjoy whatever life you do have, so you'll decide to give up on love, altogether.

The days of waiting for love to save you are long gone, and yet, you've always kept it in the back of your mind that there's somebody special 'out there' waiting to step into your life.

3. Sagittarius

During the Moon opposite Pluto transit on April 27, you will translate this feeling as strength; you want to be the one who controls your life and your emotions.


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