3 Zodiac Signs Have Difficult Horoscopes

 Astrologically, this transit might have strong, negative repercussions on Earthlings. Aries transits bring aggressiveness, self-confidence, and independence.

1. Aries

Aries, the sign of the zodiac where an eclipse occurs, may experience major life changes and new beginnings, especially in your identity, self-image, and personal ambitions.

You, but better. You resolve to act boldly and enthusiastically pursue new prospects. Self-reflection also makes you feel guilty.

Career concerns may preoccupy you during the April 20 solar eclipse in Aries. Major astrological events wake Leos like you.


Today's desperation will drain you before propelling you forward. During this period, you want a lot and realize you have to make it happen.

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Libras will experience the eclipse's effects on their relationships more than others.

3. Libra

This is where you take responsibility for what you want and plan to maintain those relationships.

You must face the darkness before resurfacing. Libra, it's about your love life and the decisions you'll need to make shortly to live peacefully with your partner.

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