3 Zodiac Signs Have 'Deeply Loving'

This Tuesday, we take our love life to a whole new level, and yes, that's a very positive thing.

This is an awesome time to reconnect with your partner on a deeper and more meaningful level.

1. Gemini

Words of love come easier to you on April 18, 2023, and thanks to Moon sextile Venus, you'll feel as though your partner is finally 'hearing' you.


Immense feelings of physical attraction are par for the course when Moon sextile Venus is in town.

2. Leo

During Moon sextile Venus, you will realize this is not the kind of romance you take for granted; it needs work and respect.


There's a future for the two of you after all, and in this, you can believe. Believe in the love already there, Leo, as it can only grow and grow.


You aren't about to hold back today, April 18, 2023. You can also let your romantic partner see you are fully there for them.

3. Virgo

you will realize that you are 50 percent responsible for what happens. It's not all on them, and during Moon sextile Venus, you finally wake up to that fact.