3 Zodiac Signs Fling Becomes Serious

you will be about ready to either call it quits on the person you've been flinging about with or bring them into the fold of your family for a real, solid relationship.

1. Virgo


You have done your seduction and it's worked; now you want the payoff. You were never in this for the fun of it all, even though you certainly were able to experience quite a lot of fun.

2. Libra

For you to take a fling and go to the next step, as in loyalty and exclusivity in a relationship, then you must be hella serious about this person ... and you are.

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You created an ideal in your mind that you could be this invulnerable lover who experiences passion without having to be made vulnerable by the love.


You will be very influenced by the Taurus Moon, and you will see the point in things like monogamy and devotion.

You have had so many romantic experiences that have left you feeling cold and sad that you've built yourself into being this stoic, invulnerable being who can't let your soft side exist for too long.

3. Capricorn


They have been waiting around for you to see things this way, so all will work out beautifully and smoothly.

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