3 Zodiac Signs Feel Unloved

1. Sagittarius

Maybe one of the more realistic questions you must ask yourself today is, 'Do you ever really feel loved?'


It does tell that during transits like Moon square Venus, you tend to wash off the idea that anyone loves you; you feel you are respected and admired but never really loved.

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Feeling unloved is par for the course where you are concerned, Capricorn. You may be one of the most capable and successful people you know, but you will never quite gel with the idea that you are worthy of love.

2. Capricorn


During Moon square Venus on May 1, you'll feel especially vulnerable and somewhat confused. Why are you the person who wasn't chosen for great love, and how did the fates seemingly pass you by?

3. Aquarius

Rarely do you like to look too closely at yourself or your life for fear that you may see a truth that will shock and depress you.

You have lived much of your life in a bubble where you are the only one who gets to pass judgment on yourself.


You've closed yourself off to people, and in romantic relationships, you rely more on fantasy than reality, which is one of the reasons your love affairs tend to end on a sad note.


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