3 Zodiac Signs Fall For The Wrong Person

The irony of today is that while Venus square Neptune may make us over-analytical or even critical in how we think, we also tend to make the wrong choices in love.

Because you are a Taurus, you won't ever let yourself think that you are wrong, especially regarding love. You may fall in love with someone today, and because this new person strikes you in just the right way.

1. Taurus

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You've got the confusing influence of Venus square Neptune on you, and it's got you foreseeing the future but completely bypassing the now.


You do not want to get this wrong, Gemini, and in your desperation, that's about all you will do. You want to have a good, solid relationship, and during Venus square Neptune.

2. Gemini

You will convince yourself that this new person in your life is your savior, the light of your life and the person who will be there for you, and yet, all the signs show that this person is wrong for you.


If there's one thing that Venus square Neptune brings out in you, it's the idea that when you think something is good, you go with it without asking questions.

3. Scorpio

You will have the opportunity to analyze this 'not so nice' quality about the person you only seconds ago wanted to bank your life on.


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