3 Zodiac Signs Dump Toxic Friends

1. Aries

You may be over the idea of having to have everybody on earth love you, and even though you are very keen on being someone everyone adores, you have discovered that being liked just isn't worth it anymore.


During the transit of Moon square Uranus on April 28, you will snap out of this desire to be approved of because you will notice that you haven't been appreciated in the way you wanted to be.

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You have put in the hours towards building up your image so that everyone in your life thinks of you as the GREAT one, and the reality is that you may be a little too great for all of these people you're trying to please.

2. Leo


That makes sense because that's how Moon square Uranus works; it finds its way into your psyche so that you can see what's really going on around you and prompts you into action.

3. Capricorn

Toxic is as toxic does, and that will be your lesson of the day, Capricorn. You have discovered a 'traitor' in your midst, and even though that sounds rather theatrical, it happens.

On April 28, you will end this relationship because you're not about to be anyone's fool.


You have the power of Moon square Uranus behind you, enabling you to shut them down at your will. Stay strong and stand tall, as per usual, Capricorn.


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