3 Zodiac Signs Choose To Stay Single

These three zodiac signs come to terms with the idea that they want to be free, as in single, as in not locked into a romance that demands more than they can give.

you might feel that getting out of bed is easier than getting yourself into a committed love relationship, and that's saying something because you really don't like getting out of bed.

1. Taurus

The truth is, you crave the single life because you don't want to have to sign away your rights, which is what it feels like whenever you get into a relationship with someone.


During the Virgo Moon, you'll be so in touch with who you really are, and you'll come to realize that you like it that way.


Ah, the single life ... it's really the stuff that dreams are made of where you are concerned. You've tried being partnered, and it's fabulous ... until it isn't, and what separates you from the pack is that you admit it.

2. Libra

During the Virgo Moon, you don't feel that you owe anybody anything, let alone some status report that declares for all the world to see that you are 'in a relationship.'


With all of your sensitivity and neediness, you are still one of the more intelligent signs of the Zodiac, and when you feel that your heart is telling you something, you listen.

3. Pisces

During the Virgo Moon, you'll feel so content 'as is' and you won't have that nagging thought that leads you to believe that you are somehow 'incomplete' without a romantic partner to define you.