3 Zodiac Signs Ask For What They Need In Love

1. Taurus

Ordinarily, there's nobody on earth who is easier to work with than you, Taurus. You are always there, ready to compromise and ready to give your all to the person you love.


Today is the day you mention this to them and you'll do it politely; you don't want a war, but you also don't want to be ignored or set aside.

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It's taken you a very long time to get to this point, and that means you haven't always been someone who asks for what they need.

2. Sagittarius


During the transit of Moon trine Neptune, you will consider the idea that, perhaps, this isn't working for you.

3. Capricorn

You have created your life in such a way as to not come off as too selfish. It's just your nature, Capricorn; you are incredibly good at being successful.

Today, you will surprise your romantic partner with a side of you that may seem 'selfish' at first, but will register to both of you as 'self-respecting.'


You will also come to realize it's quite simple to get what you want as what you are asking for isn't the world; it's merely the respect of being listened to and taken seriously.


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