3 Zodiac Signs Are 'Luckiest' In Love

We're not mincing words on this day, either. If we love someone, we will tell them; for three zodiac signs, that means all day and night.

You have come to a place where you don't want to waste time. This may be because you've gone through something recently that allows you to know that all of this is precious and fleeting.

1. Gemini

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you will be quite happy to show this person that you are sincere about your desire to spend your life with them and are ready to put it all into motion today without hesitation.


While you don't necessarily feel the astrological transits are swaying you, you do know that you've never before felt so dedicated to the person.

2. Sagittarius

While this isn't exactly something that's ever held you back, something about today brings it all to the surface just a little more.


Your love is so pure that whoever receives it will know they are the luckiest person ever. You are not always the warmest person in the world.

3. Capricorn

You and your partner have come to a new place where everything that once detracted from the relationship is now part of the past.


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