3 Rare Personality Traits

All couples want to keep their relationships happy, healthy, and long-lasting but they also know that it takes time and hard work.

1. Self-awareness

You need to be willing to work on your weak areas. Working on your personal growth takes dedication, self-love, courage, and vulnerability.


Your personality type is the same as your ego. You could not survive without it.

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2. Honesty

With growing self-awareness, you will be more honest with yourself and the person you love.


You need to ask yourself, "Why am I behaving this way?" It is time to get curious about what is going on in your head.

3. Kindness

Kindness is all about you being able to see the beauty, mystery, and worthiness of another person.


Kindness in your relationship can make all the difference. I don’t mean being nice.

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