3 most solitary zodiac signs

1. Taurus

Taurus is a solitary being by excellence. Since they like to think (and procrastinate) a lot, this solitude allows them to take the necessary distance before acting.


Taurus can feel oppressed. They will feel that they do not know how to take action and will be content to be a mere observer. They will lose all ability to make decisions.

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Solitude is necessary for Scorpio to be able to withdraw into themselves and go into introspective mode. Moreover, these mysterious beings always seem to be alone.

2. Scorpio


they tend to withdraw to analyse people and try to understand how they interact. However, if they are alone too much, Scorpios may brood and never come out of solitude again.

3. Sagittarius

Sagittarius places a great deal of importance on freedom in their life and they consider that the presence of others prevents them from doing as they please.

Solitude is therefore the best way for them to fully enjoy the freedom that is so dear to them.


The same applies to work. Sagittarians prefer to be alone so as not to have their minds polluted by the ideas of others.


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