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Try This Protein-Rich Coffee Smoothie for Breakfast

    Try This Protein-Rich Coffee Smoothie for Breakfast

    How to Make a Healthy Smoothie

    Coffee is one of my favorite ways to kick off the day, and as a registered dietitian, I’m delighted to inform you that making coffee a regular part of your routine can have positive effects on your mental and physical health. Not only as a beverage but also in other forms, coffee can be consumed in a manner that is beneficial to your health.

    One of the pieces of advice that I like the best is to make your cup of coffee into a meal in the morning. I’d like to give you a recipe for a nutritious breakfast, but before I do, it’s crucial that you have a good understanding of the nutrients and health advantages that coffee provides.

    Health Benefits of Coffee

    Try This Protein-Rich Coffee Smoothie for Breakfast

    Researchers found that the risk of depression decreased with increasing use of caffeinated coffee in a study that was published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine and included more than 50,000 women. Compared to women who drank one cup or fewer of coffee per week, those who consumed two to three cups of coffee on a daily basis had a reduced chance of developing depression.

    It has been demonstrated that chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol antioxidant that is rich in coffee, can reduce inflammation. This may be a significant factor in coffee’s ability to protect against chronic diseases, including obesity.

    Intake of coffee was found to be inversely linked with the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, the findings of which were published in Nutrition Reviews in 2018 and based on an analysis of 30 studies that had been published before.

    This is most likely attributable to the antioxidative and anti-inflammatory actions of coffee, as well as the positive impact it has on the quantity and diversity of beneficial gut microbes, also known as gut flora.

    Coffee may improve your heart health, your ability to focus, and your recuperation after you’ve worked out, according to the findings of other studies. If you want to give your post-workout recovery an extra boost, try adding some protein powder to your coffee.

    Even decaf coffee has been proven to offer identical health benefits to its fully loaded version, so if you are sensitive to caffeine, don’t let that stop you from drinking coffee.

    How to Reap the Health Benefits of Coffee

    Try This Protein-Rich Coffee Smoothie for Breakfast

    The two most important things you can do to reap the benefits of coffee are to drink it in moderation and to include it in a healthy way. This means that you shouldn’t add any sugar, artificial sweeteners, or other inflammatory additions to your coffee.

    This energizing and nourishing breakfast recipe comes from one of my fellow dietitians, Megan Byrd, RD, who writes for The Oregon Dietitian. It combines cold brew with protein, fiber, healthy fat, fruit, and a variety of other key nutrients, and it will leave you feeling energized and nourished for the entirety of the morning.

    Protein Coffee Smoothie Recipe

    Try This Protein-Rich Coffee Smoothie for Breakfast


    • 3/4 cup cold brew or chilled brewed coffee
    • 1/4 cup full-fat coconut milk
    • 2 tablespoons chia seeds
    • 1/2 frozen banana
    • 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
    • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
    • 3-4 ice cubes


    In a blender, combine all of the ingredients with the exception of the protein powder. Combine until there are no lumps. After adding the portion of protein powder, pulse the food processor four or five times to ensure that it is thoroughly combined. Pour some into a glass, and get the day started off right!


    Add one to two tablespoons of pure maple syrup to this smoothie if you feel like it needs more sweetness. It does not have the flavor of maple syrup at all, but it adds the right amount of sweetness.

    You may also incorporate coffee into breakfast by using it as the liquid in oatmeal, overnight oats, or an acai bowl. These are just some of the different ways coffee can be used. You might also go for something instant, such as Mount Hagen’s organic freeze-dried crystals, which cost $17 for two jars.

    You can include them in energy balls, chia pudding, or a parfait made of yogurt, fruit, and nuts, or fold them into nut butter along with vanilla and cinnamon and spread it on fresh fruit. Other options include making yogurt, fruit, and nut parfait. You may jumpstart your day in more ways than one if you use your imagination, combine coffee with other whole foods, and be creative.

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