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USA's low-maintenance dog breeds


 These little dogs need little activity and upkeep, making them excellent for busy people. They also guard their owners.

Boston Terrier

  These amiable, versatile canines have short coats, making maintenance easy. They need modest exercise and have moderate energy.


 These little canines have short legs and long bodies. Low-maintenance dogs, they need little exercise and grooming.

French Bulldog 

These low-energy canines need less exercise. Their short coats make grooming easier.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

 These canines are calm and kind. They're low-maintenance and active.



Despite their reputation as speedy runners, greyhounds are low-energy canines who need little exercise. 

Basset Hound 

 Droopy ears and wrinkled cheeks are their trademarks. They need little grooming and are low-energy.


Pugs need little exercise and are low-energy. Their short, silky coat makes maintenance easy.

Yorkshire Terrier

these little canines have long, silky hair. They need regular grooming but are low-energy and low-maintenance pets.

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