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Products that can be eaten far beyond their "use by" dates


Bread is safe to consume even after it becomes stale. Store bread in the fridge or freezer to prolong its life. Toss anything moldy.

Canned Food

Most shelf-stable foods are safe permanently.  In excellent shape, canned products last year. No dings, corrosion, or swelling.


Chocolate fan? Unopened chocolate lasts two years. Dark, milk, and white chocolate are safe for one year after opening.


Eggs may be eaten and used in recipes for 3-5 weeks after you bring them home and put them in the fridge. The sell-by date will normally expire within that period.

Frozen Food

Freezing destroys food poisoning bacteria, making frozen food safe. Long-frozen food may dry and tasteless.

Hard and semi-soft cheeses

Cheddar, Colby, Parmesan, and Swiss may last six months unopened and one month after opening in the fridge.



Sweet tooth? Honey never expires, however, for optimal quality, utilize it within two years.

Jams and jellies

If jelly and peanut butter sandwiches are your thing, jams and jellies can last one year in the cupboard and six months in the fridge.


Ketchup is the most popular kitchen condiment, therefore it may not last a year! Opened ketchup should be refrigerated and used within six months.


Most research shows that properly kept unopened milk lasts 5–7 days beyond its given date, but opened milk lasts 2–3 days.


Sugar is eternal. For optimal quality, utilize the large baker's bag of sugar within two years. 


Yogurt usually lasts 1-2 weeks after expiry. If your yogurt is beyond its "Best If Used By/Before" or "Use-By" date, give it a whiff and maybe a taste before eating it.

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