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"Just stick to acting," Kevin Costner departed "Yellowstone."

It's never good news when you find out your favorite show is ending or, worse, being canceled.

Over the years, several productions have won my heart, and I always feel sorry when I hear that their individual runs are coming to an end.

 You'd think I'd be accustomed to being let down by now, that I could just brush it off and go on to better things, but I haven't yet.

Last week, rumors spread regarding the fate of the highly praised Western series Yellowstone, and I know I wasn't the only one who panicked. 

The Paramount hit has been rumored to expire after the current fifth season, and that conclusion seems imminent.

Naturally, people's imaginations about what's going on and why have run wild. 


Fans of Yellowstone wouldn't mind waiting another five years if the program was revived, and rightfully so.

According to The Daily Mail, the show's creator Taylor Sheridan and actor Kevin Costner are in conflict, which might lead to the show's abrupt termination.

One insider explained the growing tensions between Sheridan and Costner by saying, "Certain people in charge of the production developed a God complex."

Reportedly, the troubles stem from Costner's displeasure with the show's general trend. 

Executive producer and actor Kevin Costner reportedly received the advice to "stick to acting" after airing his worries about the Yellowstone TV program.

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